The Beauty of Music

May 3, 2012
By Natalie Brown BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
Natalie Brown BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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Resounds and surrounds,
Music FLOWS and ebbs.
It sings and is sincere
It never lies because it cannot mislead.
Music lays its heart on the line, leaves itself open to all rejection
Bare to the bone
But welcomes praise
Emotions painted through an expert’s brush,
LOUD reds and cool blues and invigorating yellows,
Released on to a blank canvas, waiting for decision.

Pain Personified
I feel yours and you feel mine

Music inspires and rejuvenates
Like a good night’s sleep or a friend kind word
It heals, covers sensitive wounds
Overcoming adversity through reflection

Music is a calculated ballet
Each step is coordinated, yet static and chaotic
A journey through random emotion
A tap shoe hits the floor
A loud crescendo into a leap
A gasp

Peace through organized noise
Splendor through organized rhythm
Relief through organized sound

The author's comments:
Music is one of my biggest inspirations and I made this to express my love for it.

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