Invisible Ink

May 3, 2012
I am a bottle of invisible ink
You see me for a moment
Then, before you can blink
I am gone, alone.
A clear, wet teardrop on your sleeve.

I am a bottle of invisible ink
Bright Indigo, strong
And just when I think
I'll get to stay
Just a few seconds longer
I fade, deep into the folds of your memory.

I am invisible ink
A novelty, a prize
Then, drained down the sink
When I become useless, a 50-cent toy
I am thrown away; a distant, childish thought.

I was once an idea,
Brilliant and bold
I was once a dream,
Given Spark
Given Chance
Now I sit, evaporating in a glass-metal box
Awaiting coins from strangers
I am wasted
No longer novel, nor prized
Just condensed
As invisible as my name and the spot I tried to leave behind.

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