darks tricks

May 3, 2012
By papaSMURF BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
papaSMURF BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
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The dark can play tricks on you and your mind.
To win your soul, and play tricks and the blind.
Wicked souls cry, when shadows come creeping.
Don’t open your eyes, just stay sleeping.
Darks’ a shady creature, emptied, alone.
While light prospers, and sits plum on its throne.
Dark stays hidden, behind lights boundaries.
While light protects, few people that have these.
A symbol, giant, protector of all.
While darkness waits, anxious for lights big fall.
Light drops its guard, positive of success.
Then it strikes, and light moves on in distress.
But stay hidden, darkness starts off as kind.
And stay risen, the dark plays tricks on your mind.

The author's comments:
its a back and forth piece, that talks about good and bad, evil and non-evil. sin and good... or just a mans every day life, whether he should or should not succumb to how everyday life is like.

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