I Miss You

May 3, 2012
As I sit here and watch the stars tonight,
I cant help but to wonder,
If your alright,
I mean,
You left in such a hurry,
Everything became EXTREAMLY blurry,
I miss you so much,
And no one can see,
The pain that this is causing me,
You were my rock,
You were my stone,
I knew you'd never leave me alone.

I wish you could be mine forever,
Considering you were the greatest person ever,
But i know the suffering, and pain,
You went through,
I know a new life,
Would be whats best for you,
And even when your so far away,
I know I can still count on you,
Each and every day.

When I start to cry at night,
I have to remember,
That you ARE alright,
You have people watching over you,
Just the same, as I do,
Your my guardian angel,
My special friend,
And i know,
That you'll be with me,
Until the very end.

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