A Night at the Carnival

May 5, 2012
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The stars lowered to our outstretched arms
in reds and blues and whites and greens;
they blinked and flashed and whirled and spun—
the milky way condensed onto a concrete block.

Laughter was the soundtrack of the night.
Caramel popcorn, pink cotton candy wands,
Coca-Cola with a cherry swimming laps.
Sugarcoating out tongues,
we wandered booth by booth.

Licked the flavors of the night from our fingers.
.Ring toss: come one, come all, win a cake—
win three—start a cake fight, giggle through
stained teeth and smeared faces,
rise to dance through lines and crowds.
Our footsteps embellished the gravel.
We buckled our seatbelts and laughed at
how small everything looked from the top of the world,
how this Ferris wheel was so slow that we were riding on infinity,
and we hopped off and wondered how

Infinity managed to go by so quickly.

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