I Wish..

May 3, 2012
By Anonymous

I wish…
I wish I was a bird because birds have no boundaries.
Birds have all the freedom, and birds can see everything.
I want to fly high and just think about life, where no one will bother me and no one will have sight.
I wish I was a lion, to have the strength and courage.
I want to be fearless and do what I want with no worries.
Be in charge of everything around me, and be feared instead of fear.
But I also want to be a fluffy bear so that I can look cozy, and not harmful.
I want to sleep for months unable to be disturbed, I want to be a bear so while still being strong and courageous also being cute and un tempting.
I wish I could be all of these things so that I can experience so many different things. See what life looks like from other perspectives, live differently than who I am.
But I also wish that I always stay myself, that I am true to who I am.
Love being who I am because I really do.
I wish I could just be me.

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