He and Me

May 3, 2012
By angelwings14 GOLD, Toledo, Ohio
angelwings14 GOLD, Toledo, Ohio
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My Heart is gone

My spirit broken

He has it

but stomps on it

He's living free

I'm imprisoned

He's lovin a girl

I'm crushin on him

It's called a crush

when they hurt you

It's called love

when they love you

He's squeezes my heart

with every joy

He stomps on it

with every kiss

He rips it apart

with every laugh and smile

He doesn't even know

he has my heart.

I watched him rip it up

when I saw a picture

I turned away

I don't have to

watch you distroy

my heart

But I hear you

havin a ball.

I'm curled up with a razer

you're curled up with her

I'm crying tears of depression

you're crying tears of joy

I'm only 15

yet I love

This is me you guys

a loveless thug

I think of him everyday

he doesn't remember my name

I want to talk

he tosses me aside

I want to love

he's loving already

I want him to love me

he's loving another

I'm ugly

she's the apple to his eyes

I'm laying dead

he's standing alive

I'm a nobody

he's mr.popular

I don't have what I want for xmas

he has everything

My heart is damaged

beyond repair

He holds it in a paper bag

waiting for repair.

The author's comments:
This is for everyone who has given away their hearts.

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