Shades Of Green

May 3, 2012
By Anonymous

He’s kryptonite
And Superman

His strength guards me and protects me, yet he is my biggest weakness

He’s a mystery
And an open book
At times so pure, real and honest, other times closed off and guarded

He’s the hero
And the villain
Always saving me, yet causing my demise as well

Why him?
What’s so special?
Why is he the one?
To make knees weak
To turn cheeks a shade of crimson
To steal a heart, without even trying

An icicle heart
Frost and snowflakes
Driven to eternal winter
By all those that have come to call
Pain was the first to enter her life,then lies came to call
Spite, jealousy, rage and heartache came courting shortly after

But in a simple smile she finds solace
A golden heat
An undeniable, invincible summer
The thaw begins

With him there is light
Love? No, there’s no such thing
But within him, lies all she’d forgotten and more

It begins as an easy game
Simple child’s play
But something simple slowly becomes
So much more
A puzzle, a riddle
A chase

Black and white
Yes and no
Up and down
Hot and cold
It’s here and there
But as always, it can only end one way

It continues on
Back and forth
On and off
She makes excuses
But in the end
She needs to decide
But not today


The next day?
Most likely not….

Someday she’ll let go
Break the ties that bind
Cut the heartstrings that keep her in his grasp
Move on from this love
That never even was
Someday she’ll do it
But not quite yet…

The author's comments:
A common situation among teenage girls, you always want the boy you either can't have or who doesn't want you back. This is my story of a boy like that, and my inability to let go of him.

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