My name is Mary

May 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Hello my name is Mary.
I was born in the country of Mexico.
I have many brothers and sisters.
I was shipped to the United States for a collection of money.
Hello my name is Marry.
I am now owned by the Mexican mafia,
Packed like sardines with all my brothers and sisters.
Secretly cloaked, and on our way to the U.S
Hello my name is Marry.
I just witnessed a murder.
Somebody is dead over me.
They have taken a life just to have me.
Hello my name is Marry.
I now live in a frightening neighborhood.
Gunshots and police sirens are the norm.
My brothers and sisters are auctioned off every day.
Hello my name is marry
I have now been taken away to someone.
Brought back to their house
Just to be smoked away.
Hello my name is Marry.

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