Warm Hearts

May 6, 2012
Sun, my fair weather friend,

Lights up my life not during the storms,

Shines not during the day:

I am left standing cold, in the dark.

She is there to stand beside me, cold,

And whisper away the nights:

Her words have no burn, leave no scars,

So I have my own words to say.

The stars are dulled by her sparkling eyes,

So we gather them up in our hands

And run with the light slipping between our fingers,

Shattering the night with our gleaming eyes.

Grins steeped in mischief leave no room for tears;

Those salty streams are drowned by her bubbling laughter,

That carries the worries away.

We are light on our feet, walking on flames

Extinguished by her beaming, halo of a smile.

With the warmth of hearts,

The cold is not so stark,

The night is not so dark

And the crowd is not so lonely.

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