When In Heart, You're Never Apart

May 5, 2012
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I've had to face sadness.
Heartbrake and loss.
The price it brings,
Is not worth the cost.

Letting go is never easy.
It's the hardest thing of all.
You just want to hold on.
You don't want to fall.

My Grandparents are my Gaurdian Angels.
My shining bright stars.
I know they will always be there for me.
Because Heaven's never too far.

They told me stories.
They gave me hope.
They showed me love.
Remembering all this, is how I cope.

I could lie and say I'm okay.
But that is far from the truth.
Sometimes it's a struggle just to stand.
My heartache is my proof.

Crying helps me get through.
Just letting all my emotions go.
It's an amazing way to vent your feelings.
Trust me: I know.

Though it has already been two years.
I still miss them with all my heart.
But their love always reaches me.
And with this I know we'll never be apart.

I can wish on all the stars I want to.
But I know it won't bring them back.
I'm trying my best to hold it together.
To keep what's left of my heart intact.

All I can say for those dealing with loss.
Is that it does get easier with time.
Just keep your head up and have Faith.
This is how I'm getting through mine.

Death is nothing to fear.
And I know my Grandparents never did.
It's an opportunity for a new life.
I've known this since I was a kid.

You can always pull through.
You can keep going on.
Even when they leave.
Even when you realize they're really gone.

I wish to you all a happy recovery.
And trust me, people do care.
There's still good in this world even when someone dies.
You have the power to see this, when it's there.

Keep believing.
And never give up on life.
Because you are strong enough.
No matter the strife.

People die.
It's just how things are meant to be.
Just keep trying your hardest.
It will pay off you'll see.

Loved ones will never leave you.
They are forever in your heart.
Just always remember that.
And you will never be apart.

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