Riddle Me, Melancholy

May 5, 2012
By shaojian BRONZE, Malolos City, Other
shaojian BRONZE, Malolos City, Other
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i feel nostalgic for no reason,
seems to be some kind of a forgotten name,
but's not thoroughly erased,
sank in, deep, and then it was lost
leaving but one trace

like bits of a broken glass
stuck within me,
aching in dismay,
beats in a non-rhythmical manner,
painfully capricious,

a dragging sensation
with a tormenting execution,
a crushing underneath my chest,
cuts in my breath thread,
turning me inside-out for a creeping moment

beneath my skin is an ongoing apocalypse,
my sockets forming an eclipse,
piercing out shattered shrieks,

i opened my mouth
but no sound came out,
that deafening silence
was what I growled,
something lulled the sound of my screech,
sucked out by my leech

it hung with a slight parting,
while I looked blank at nothing,
the needles welled up to my empty eyes,
and that was the flux of everything.

The author's comments:
(birdy/bon iver) -skinny love

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