My New Voice

May 4, 2012
My voice is gone
left me to rot alone
my voice was taken
to leave me with not defense
opinions can't be argued
wishes can't be whispered
desires can't be told
my voice is gone
ran away
my voice has disappeared
my sanity has gone with it
freedom can't be defended
feelings can't be proclaimed
hope can't be held up
my voice returned
but not to me
it returned to the girl I used to be
"Why did you leave?"
my mind screamed
"You don't need me"
the wind whispered
"I do! I can't speak without you"
"No your wrong"
The girl placed a pen in my hand
like smoke she vanished
taking my voice with her
I held the pen
my new voice
and began to speak
opinions were argued
wishes were whispered
desires were told
my voice brand new
all mine to hold
freedoms defended
feelings proclaimed
hopes held up
my new voice
my new strength
can never be erased

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