Goodbye My Love

May 4, 2012
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I was broken and withdrawn
Before I met you
You came into my life
And made me forget the I wasn't whole
You whispered stupid jokes im my ear
Just to make me smile
I miss those times
Every once and a while
I thought I knew what a broken heart felt like
But then we said goodbye

You held me
Every time I cried
And I couldn't help
But imagine you by my side
I didn't mean to fall in love with you
But my heart tripped
And it hasn't stopped falling
I thought I would get to see your smile forever
But then we said goodbye

I was too shy and scared
To tell you the truth
And now I've lost you
I tried grabbing onto you
But somehow I lost my hold
I didn't realize that my pride didn't matter
Now all I have left of you is shadows
I wish I would have told you what you meant to me
But all I said was goodbye

I miss your smile
That lit up the whole world
Now all I see is darkness
I let my one chance slide away
I was too afraid to say those three words
I will never be able to say enough
I finally let my heart open
Just to shut it myself
I didn't have enough time with you
But goodbye my love

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