Summer Of Lies

May 4, 2012
By Sarah_Irene. PLATINUM, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Sarah_Irene. PLATINUM, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
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I gave you love
And you threw it away
I gave you my trust
And you broke it anyway
I did everything you told me to
But somehow that wasn't good enough for you
You threw me down
Spun me around
I don't know why
I got a summer of lies

Looked me in the eyes
Told me that you loved me
Shouldn't have been surprised
That you'd cheat on me
Your words were a disguise
For all the wrong you were doing
Choked on your alibis
Thought I'd never find out
But all your getting is a goodbye
From this summer of lies

I can't do anything right
Don't even know why I try
Somehow I end up back where I started
I try but I can't ignore it
You have me on a string
There's no way to win
I love you but
Somehow I hate you even more
Now it's my turn to shine
Goodbye summer of lies

You never had my back
You never loved me
All you did was attack
All of me
I never realized
The real side of you
But now that I did
I wish I never knew
I can't wait to leave this behind
Goodbye, summer of lies

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