Country Boys

May 4, 2012
Country boys all covered in dirt
And their country girls pulling out their skirts.
All getting ready for tonight’s hoe-down,
Not even their mama has on a frown.
The boys’ grab their girl for a little jig.
Later tonight they’ll all be eating roasted pig.
But once a week away goes the flannel,
They pull out the dress shirts from a drawer with a handle.
Later that day out in the fields.
Those boys look around at their yields.
But don’t let them fool you they know how to have fun.
Start up your engine and let’s go for a run.
Country boys know how to get a little dirty,
Mud riding everyday, always a new journey.
Drinking their drinks from mason jars,
They realize this kind of living isn’t that hard.
Farmer tans all year round,
Seems like they never sit down.
Working from dusk till dawn,
But for them it’s less work and more fun.
Friday nights going to the football game.
Not one of them says the game is lame.
All of them filled with national pride
They wouldn’t trade their country even ‘til the day they die.
True gentlemen is what they are,
Riding broncos and stealing the girls’ hearts.
Them boys know a little about strife,
They love their family, for better or worse, for life.
It may be hard to believe,
But true country boys are a rare breed.
They don’t go around saying “Derka Dirk.”
What they have they’ve earned through hard work.
They know how to grow their own food
Knowing they won’t go hungry puts them in a good mood.
As the sun goes down they put away their toys
They come home laughing and their mamas’ say, “Boys will be boys.”
They crawl into their bed at night
Knowing a hard day’s work makes them feel pretty good.
You can call them rednecks, hillbillies, and hicks,
But nobody kicks it harder than those boys back in the sticks.

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