The Moment's Breed

May 4, 2012
By maheen97 BRONZE, Colonia, New Jersey
maheen97 BRONZE, Colonia, New Jersey
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Chiseled tips, the Moment’s Breed.
in soft shadows they shall lead.
What’s left is long gone,
a game we never won.

Crescent moons leave me ‘lone
and in darkness does it moan.
For in its despair does it cry
like a bird that cannot fly.

Like a monsoon it does arise,
sits there so it can mesmerize.
In my chest a gaping well
and in my ears a ringing bell

Calls my name each single time.
In my life no bigger crime
than to forget by looking back
and wonder why God changed my track.

The author's comments:
There are days - or more specifically moments, when I am with the world but yet very alone. These moments are the moments that leave me alone in my thoughts, to reflect on the past. The past that pulls me in like a black hole, the past whose advances I know I must resist. This poem reflects my weakness for the past, that I know I must overcome.

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