Bound By Chains of the Broken

May 4, 2012
By LovelyLittleLies GOLD, Dresden, Tennessee
LovelyLittleLies GOLD, Dresden, Tennessee
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I use to feel the black raven's pain
Bound by chains of the broken

I became stuck as low,black clouds threatened to cry
The wind,a heavy,mournful sigh

And I was bound by chains of the broken

I use to dream of the water on fire
And walking on the blood-shot sky

I tried to run,find the avenging sun

But I was bound by chains of the broken

And now as I sit and wait to be free
I ask forever for the key

But I am still bound by the chains of the broken

Stuck forever by souls like a token

The author's comments:
I fell in love last week. I use to not believe in it,now all i know is the amazing feeling of having someone there for you. And this poem signifies how I realize i felt without it. Stuck forever by the broken people.

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