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May 11, 2012
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What is life when it flashes before your eyes?
Stand up sluggish, staring up towards the sky
prop my head forward watch the blood start to drip
I feel like im starting to regret this 2 week country trip
Screams pierce the air as I look to my left
See my cousin brian Missing half his face and his shoulder’s barely hanging on his chest
Gruesome, horrific yet all I can do is walk silently
Somehow, Im not crying, but I can’t stop apologizing to Brian so violently
He wheezes “it’s ok, its not your fault”
But I know it is, and this is pain I will forever keep deep in my guilt vault
I feel no pain for myself though my neck, knee, and arm
Are sliced up and numb, my body feels no harm

--Greek Flow
Persecuted like Perseus,
Heaven sent like Zeus’ bolt but wait it gets worse than this,
Hades fighting for my soul,
Son of the Sun; Apollo, I blind him from the throne, watch the story unfold,
But im not his advocate,
My mind is so elaborate,
Lost in my body searching my soul in a personal labyrinth,
Reality speaking, these are just euphemisms for evil battling,
No greek story but still a lot of gods,
Think they on top defy them against all odds,
Im not a vain soul, want no palace like Mt. Olympus,
Only one persevering, creeping silently, but always moving forward relentless.

--Thank God
Wake up every morning take a knee and thank the Man,
None of this is possible without the Master plan,
So I give it all to my Master’s hand,
We can outstand though outmanned,
cause the unplanned leaders will rise and can withstand
then expand,
Take a firm stand,
and demand what was command
-ed, to us by the 10 commandments from him.

--Food For Thought
I sit with my mom over juice and cinnamon toast,
She tells me of life and how blessed we are everyday,
Explaining the meaning of Heaven and how death is always close
But I know this… I’ve experienced pain in every way,
Mental, emotional, physical, Thank God I’m spiritual
Every day we’re walking is a blessing and a miracle,
We’re ingredients in a recipe for disaster,
Take caution in He**’s kitchen cooking up that work, the Devil is the chef master
Food for thought digest my words,
Listen hard don’t catch my curse,
With knowledge comes power….
With power comes greed….
Feed on greed, and you’ll grow like weed but responsibility is really what you need
Hold yourself accountable,
Think no task infallible,
Realize the potential in human flesh like cannibal,
I’m just an animal
Tearing through the f***ing jungle
Never satisfy my growing hunger. ..Food for thought.

I can’t be bothered with paying homage to forefathers,
From B.C. till A.D, in my own lane unbothered,
B.efore the C.onroy line till A.fter the D.rew era,
Keep my family line running like a heart broke girl’s mascara,
I’m ahead of these peons,
By eons,
Flow colder than free-on,
Future brighter than neon

--Material Things
Stussy on my body this a 50 dollar shirt,
200 dollar kicks yea my outfit really hurt.
My pockets but its worth…
It all… when I convert into an extrovert
At the nighttime, come alive like vampire
Polo Ralph lauren boxers, my fashion spread like wildfire
Contain it, campfire

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