Rachel Squared

May 11, 2012
Here's to who you are,
The happiness you bring,
The smiles you give,
The notes you sing.

Here's to you,
Your freckled face,
Your ginger hair,
Your amazing grace.

Here's to our memories,
The horseback rides,
The tanning lotion.
You've been by my side.

When I turn orange,
When we dance ‘til dawn,
When we learn to shuffle,
And take pictures on your lawn.

Here's to our tangents.
(Our parents don't understand.)
Friends who have faded,
And school so bland.

Here's to whom we loathe:
The ones who show too much skin,
The ones who yell and scream,
The ones who don't want to win.

Here's to volleyball
We both love to play.
No matter what position,
We'll be spiking all day.

Here's to basketball.
This year you're the rookie,
You play down low,
You catch on in a hurry!

Here's to our friendship,
The trust we share,
The gossip we spill,
I'll always be there.

Here's to us,
The past two years,
The awkward moments,
The feline fears.

Here's to our future.
Here's to our past.
Here's to our good times.
Here's to the bad.

Here's to this ode,
I've written so true,
You're my best friend.
I love you!

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