Broken promises

May 11, 2012
You promised you would always be there for me
To be there for me through thick and thin
To guide me when my mind was blank
To offer a shoulder to cry on while others watched

My heart aches for you
You left me there holding my hands to my chest
Tears stung my eyes as you walked away
You were my breath, my life, and my all
You took it all away when you left
I couldn't feel my heart beating anymore

I looked up at the sky and asked,
"Why did I deserve to lose the only guy I ever wanted to be with?"
I never got my answer

I hoped you would come back
I ached to have you in my arms again
I longed to stare into your chocolate brown eyes
I had to stay strong
To learn to live without my true love

I don’t regret our moments together
I just regret when it all ended
The past will forever be with me
I will always remember it
With a cheerful heart
And a heart warming smile

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