I Hate You

May 12, 2012
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I hate that I don't know you anymore
I hate that you don't see me.
Sometimes, all I want is
the person I used to be.
But some days I've forgotten
what it was like.
times that we laughed,
times that we kissed.
they're engraved into my soul
and I hate that you don't remember.
I hate you when I pass by you
and you don't wave,
I hate when I don't wave either.
I tried replacing you but it was
hopeless beyond belief,
I ended up breaking 2 hearts
instead of 1.
Your stupid smile won't get out
of my head
and I don't really want it to leave

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these-roses said...
May 13, 2012 at 3:20 pm
thats really sad. the same sort of thing happened to me only it wasnt a boyfriend....
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