Being Her

May 11, 2012
By Anonymous

I want to be her
I would be perfect
Living a life that has no visible flaws from the outside
Because I see all the benefits she has

If I could be her
I would like a star on a pitch black night
Illuminating the path everyone believes they should take
Because they want to be just like me

If I could be her
I would be as beautiful as a rose
Attracting stares from anyone who went by
Because nothing could ever compare

If I could be her
Life would be as easy as a board game
Controlling everything and everyone around me like pawns
Because I could make or break you

If I could be her
I would never want for anything
Demanding and receiving with a snap of my fingers
Because my happiness is the key to yours

But if I was her I would know
I have the weight of the world on my shoulders
Trying to do everyone proud, when there are too many standards
Because I fear letting you down

But if I was her I would know
I am insecure about everything I do
Forcing myself to do whatever it takes to look better, be better
Because I don’t want to be invisible

But if I were her I would know
I have made mistakes that I will always regret
Going along with the crowd and their careless outlooks on life
Because I am scared of being an outcast

But if I were her I would know
I get those material items to fill a void
Pretending they make up for everyone’s disregard towards me
Because I feel empty and so alone

So if I were her
I wouldn’t be all that great
Living her seemingly perfect life has lost its glimmer
Because the good doesn’t seem to outweigh the bad

If I had known her at all
I would have known from the start
Trying to convince myself I didn’t make clueless assumptions
Because I realized that I know nothing

The author's comments:
This was a spur of the moment poem I wrote based off of a discussion we had in ELA class one day. I just wanted to show how a person isn't only what you can see from the outside. Everyone has problems. I hope you enjoy.

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