Paying Attention

May 10, 2012
By Jackieminehart BRONZE, Ellicott City, Maryland
Jackieminehart BRONZE, Ellicott City, Maryland
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There are twenty-five phyla of invertebrates, most of which contain over ten thousand species of animals too small to see. Arthropods are the most abundant with just fewer than ninety-three thousand species that have all evolved from a common ancestor over
I have Suessical rehearsal
today after school and
we are scheduled to practice
Alone in the Universe,
which is a hyperbole and
an impossibility because
it says right here in the textbook
that we are surrounded by invertebrates
we can’t even see.
Apparently arthropods,

and platyhelminthes are ubiquitous so nothing is
Alone in the Universe.

Hey! Are you paying attention? You should be more polite. Look in the speaker’s direction, make eye contact, nod and smile so no one thinks you’re rude.
I can tell your mind is wandering.

Attention undulates from subject to subject.
Time provides the opportunity to exchange
attention for something reasoned to be of greater value.
Attention is the currency with which experience can be purchased.
Experience and innocence are inversely proportional and sad news for innocence: experience is exponentially increasing and approaching infinity with every purchase made. It never reaches the limit though, just like attention never runs out. It’s just constantly being bartered for something more interesting than the last, which has been deemed unworthy.
So there, I am paying attention and I’m sorry for seeming rude. It’s not that I’m bored it’s just that I’m

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