Simply Spring

May 10, 2012
By mollygoogoo BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
mollygoogoo BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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The spring morning smelled of dew
I could taste the savory sky so blue
The yellow daisy harmonized a song
About waiting so long
To bask with the sun upon her face
Tender and sweet like a warm embrace

The red robins all tweeted along
To the daisy’s lovely song
The blue bird’s distinguished their beautiful tune
As the sky rotated into a full moon
The fireflies illuminated the dreary night
And all the birds rested from the day’s flight

The owls wooed and the crickets chirped
Somewhere in the pond a wart-infested toad burped
The jungle cat inhaled the perfume of delicious prey
While the dark night dressed for the day

Spring evolved to summer and summer transformed to fall
As the orbit proceeded around the fiery ball
Signaling the end to the flower’s story
Giving the fall leaves all the glory

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