In Control

May 10, 2012
The ignorant teenager concept of love is utterly and completely a dead end,
They act as if their hearts have been crushed a million and a half times,
Their hearts ripped themselves out of their chest and looked into their eyes,
And like the grim reaper, he told you, "You are forever mine.
I'll beat faster for you with your blood gushing red and fly your hopes to the sky,
And then I'll bury you like a mortician, and take you to the depths of the Earth,
Just to prove that I'm the one in control, sitting on the throne of your mind,
Rebellion is useless when I am the king, I'm your mother at the day of your birth."
And so let the world crush you, when you know that you don't stand a chance,
All because you think love isn't real, just because you don't have a date to the dance.

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