Rejection: My One And Only Fear And Some Have The Same

May 10, 2012
By Jamie Moriarty BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jamie Moriarty BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Spiders, scary movies
Whether it be one thing or another
Everybody is afraid of something.
For all anybody knows it could be an inanimate object,
But I personally am only afraid of one thing,
With everything I’ve been through you’d think I’d be afraid to take one step;
One cold, unpredictable step into this treturous world.
But I’m not,
I’m only afraid of one thing.

You’ll think I’m crazy
And believe me, I already know I am
Being afraid of rejection is my one and only weakness.
Coincidentally its only rejection from one person.
Out of the 7,012,563,654 people on the face of the earth it had to be you.
Being afraid of rejection from one human can bring so many feelings,
Infinite amounts.
Being crushed, impacted and slaughtered by the most enormous bolder would never meet equality of every feeling,
Every feeling of animosity,
Or even veneration,
Whatever the feeling you still mean the world to me.

I put my heart on the line and told you everything;
(Well almost everything)
Throughout the time you’ve known we have yet to ponder;
Ponder upon the subject of jealousy.
I never told you how jealous I was of the girls that got to be called yours,
But when I put my heart on the line I was staring at my biggest fear.
Right in the eyes;
Deep, brown eyes,
The eyes that I fell in love with
And the ones I see my guardian angel in,
My safety.
And for the first time in my life I wasn’t afraid of anything,
Only because I had overcome it;
Conquered it as one might say.
Now I have more than imaginable to conquer again.
Taking that risk meant I was willing to be rejected
But expecting to be accepted,
And sure enough I was.

I know how much you care and I also know you don’t want to hurt me,
For that I have the upmost respect for you,
But going out on a limb and taking a risk will pay off in the end.
With us it can only end well.

I trust you to every extent possible.
My plan was to rip my heart out of my chest and hand it to you;
Still beating,
But there were two problems;
My heart had huge holes in it.
Until now that I found someone to fill them without even trying.
I wonder what it would be like if you did try?
And the other was I was about to hand over a broken key;
But I did it anyways.
It was the broken key to my heart.
Wanting you to fix it I handed it over willingly,
But I have a feeling that you’re just trying to shove it back in my face
Like you don’t even want to take up this challenge and make it worthwhile.
I know you’re only doing it so you don’t hurt me,
Or make anything worse.
I want you to keep it because you’re the only one I trust enough;
I trust you enough that I know you won’t break it
And I know that when you do fix that key you’ll save it
For the sunniest or rainiest day.
Only hoping you’ll use it correctly and not break it on your own account,
Or hand it off to the next guy;
At least that’s what I’d like to think.

Call me crazy,
Prove me wrong,
But show me you love me whether
With numerous small actions
Or one big action,
Don’t make me regret ever reveling myself to you
I’ll always want you;
Let me rephrase that, I’ll always need you
Like I do now,
Help me?

The author's comments:
I tend to write a lot. This particular piece was inspired by a guy that means a lot to me. I won't mention his name but he does inspire me a lot to do different things.

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