Wishing on Dreams

May 10, 2012
By -Kennedy- BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
-Kennedy- BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Spinning feet that barley touch the ground,
round and round, twirling to the beat that my heart pounds,
toes that skim through the dirt,
I dance barefoot to feel the earth,
spin and spin, try to forget,
smell the breeze, cool and crisp,


that I could stay here forever,
my heart alive in this
lovely weather,
my whole being lit bright,


I could stay longer than the night,
prance away with finely dressed kings,
smile instead of hearing the alarm ring,


I could stay here for hours,
and not wake up from this beautiful dream.


that I could carry on into daylight,
bring these images from my head, but here I lie trapped -
in a world where dreams are only meant for bed.

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