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May 10, 2012
By kandall BRONZE, Johns Creek, Georgia
kandall BRONZE, Johns Creek, Georgia
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Bad days happen, sometimes for weeks. when those times come along i go to the park find a soft patch of grass and lay down. I look up at the stars. I look up and see millions of colossal masses floating around above my head. I am so humbled by their existence. Within these stars elements are being heated and fused again and again until gravity takes over and the immense pressure causes the star to collapses elements like oxygen, iron and gold are trust off into the expanse of space. That is where we all started. The atoms within us were once the center of a sun. It is at this point I realize that my problems are not that big of a deal. Here on this patch of ground I am reminded that life goes on no matter what happens. But this does not mean I should not try I was once a star and I should act like it.

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