Would You Write Me a Poem?

May 10, 2012
Would you write a poem if I asked you to
Even though you don’t like literature or poetry?
But would you do it?
If you had the guts to do it,
Would it be sincere?
Or comical?
Or perhaps painfully truthful?
Would you curse me for making you do it?

Would you write a poem if it had to be from the heart
Despite the fact that it has taken me over a month to get you to spill your guts to me?
But would you bother to find the right words in each line that you pen?
If you found the time to ponder the content of your poem,
Would it be sweet?
Or ironic?
Or worth my own time to read what you’ve got to say?
Would you give up 30 minutes of Dvorak practice time to write me a poem?

Would you write a poem if I was dying
And my last wish was for you to write me a poem?
But would you write it even if it was a silly request of a dying girl?
If you knew it would mean the world to me,
Would it be comforting?
Or superficial?
Or would it be a love poem?
Would you write it if I wasn’t dying but I still asked you for a poem?

But would you write a poem if it was just for me?

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