I'm Sorry

May 10, 2012
I’m sorry I can’t be what you want me to be,
I can’t be perfect.
I’m sorry for existing,
For taking the youth you feel you lost.
I’m sorry I can’t change what’s happened,
Or that you feel cheated.
I’m sorry for the somehow wasted words,
Since, I apparently can’t listen.
I’m sorry I don’t feel the way you think I should,
For not believing I’m beautiful.
I’m sorry I take up your time and space,
And I’m sorry you can’t see the good side of what’s happened and can only see the bad.
But most of all,
I’m sorry for the life you feel cheated of,
The one you’ve worked for,
The one you feel was stolen by one’s selfish act,
But for you not to see the good side of what’s happened,
Then it’s YOU who should be sorry.

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