Good Enough

May 10, 2012
By Graceravenangel666 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Graceravenangel666 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I can see it in your eyes 
I'm not good enough for you
There's no need to hide it
I know that it's true

I feel hurt I feel used 
I feel alone in this place
But above it all
I feel like a big disgrace

I bite my tongue 
Trying not to shout
Just a chance to leave
Dying for a way out

I just wanna start over
I just wanna go home
I feel so hurt
 I feel so alone

All I ever wanted
Was to make you proud
But you see right through me
I'm just a face in the crowd

I hate the girl I am
Without a doubt
I need to leave this world 
I need a way out

I know I'm not perfect 
I'm not a diamond in the rough
Because tonight you showed me
I'll never be good enough

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