Little Bird

May 9, 2012
By Creative_Flame SILVER, Vancouver, Other
Creative_Flame SILVER, Vancouver, Other
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Little Bird
Little Bird
Flapping and gliding
By little tufts of feathers
Frantic wings piercing
Through the formless air

Beneath a hue of blue and white
Trills a melody from your beak
Songs full of joy and mirth
Distinct melodious harmony
With each one of the flock
Content, proud, at ease
Continuing below the vast blue
Above the grisly gravel

The gravel cracked with age
Worn by pleasant stomping
Of two legged behemoths
Appeased by your singing
Grants sweet tender bread
Tossed onto the fractured
Aged gray parlor
In humble gratitude
Chirp in joy and hop in dance
In blissful satisfaction
For the paltry loaf of dough
Trill unhindered to the giants
Romping about since ages passed
Generously cutting your forest home
Killing your kin long gone to grave
Befouling the air with noxious gas
Tormenting earth of life eternal

Breaking promises from birds past
Of honey dew, nuts and tangy berries
Gone once, now no more
Sing for these powerful wraiths
Trill freely, with pure blissful sound
Little bird
Little bird

The author's comments:
This piece was thought of in a parking lot in front of a Costco in Bellingham, USA. The singing of the birds drew my attention, and also caused me to begin to reflect. It is humans who cut down the natural habitat of these birds, killing their nests, stealing their nuts and berries to make our home. Yet, the birds still sing, hopping around with tiring effort and putting up a bravado whenever humans with a piece of bread in their hand walk by.

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