Silent Words Part Two

April 13, 2012
Last year in the beginning of December
My dad, again, pulled me aside and asked
"How are you dong?"
I'm great dad, just perfect
I only have to worry about my life
Not the one that used to be inside me
I've lost two friends, but gained another
The one I originally lost came back
I still love him, though I refuse to tell him
I'm back at my school, my only home
I can smile now without faking it
My step family is out of my life
No thanks to you dad
I no longer have to duck my head at school
It's still there though, the habit to do so
I can feel my hear healing, finally
I don't cry so much at night anymore
Granted I still do occasionally
I gave my life to God, sort of anyways
I'm still not baptized, though I want to
I have my life back, and its finally mine
All this ran through my thoughts
Though all I said was
"I'm great dad, really great"
With a smile I wasn't faking
As my heart was putting itself back together

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