Silent Words Part Two

Last year in the beginning of December
My dad, again, pulled me aside and asked
"How are you dong?"
I'm great dad, just perfect
I only have to worry about my life
Not the one that used to be inside me
I've lost two friends, but gained another
The one I originally lost came back
I still love him, though I refuse to tell him
I'm back at my school, my only home
I can smile now without faking it
My step family is out of my life
No thanks to you dad
I no longer have to duck my head at school
It's still there though, the habit to do so
I can feel my hear healing, finally
I don't cry so much at night anymore
Granted I still do occasionally
I gave my life to God, sort of anyways
I'm still not baptized, though I want to
I have my life back, and its finally mine
All this ran through my thoughts
Though all I said was
"I'm great dad, really great"
With a smile I wasn't faking
As my heart was putting itself back together

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