Silent Words Part !

April 13, 2012
On a day in September,
My dad pulled me aside and asked
"Are you okay now?"
Yeah dad, I'm fine, totally fine
I have another life inside me
The one I thought I loved hates me
And I can't tell anyone
His best friend knows, only one who does
Mine can't know, they have big mouths
I want to tell him, he always turns away
You're never here to help dad
You don't see me cry at night
I just want to die
I don't want this life, either one
Why should I keep it? Them?
So it'll turn out like me?
Having one parents and a screwed up life?
All of this goes through my head
Though all I can say is
"Yeah dad, I'm great"
Smiling like I mean it
While inside of me
A life is slowly growing
And my heart cracks
Another piece breaking off

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