May 9, 2012
By JakobBaker BRONZE, Rockport, Indiana
JakobBaker BRONZE, Rockport, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Then, window, let day in.. and let life out.

She had diamond eyes
Brown and bloodshot
Failing lungs and a cough
Tar black like engine smoke
Human body pollution
Secondhand smoke
Behind the wheel of a dented, scratched up Ford
Beat up just like her
Funny to think
A car just like herself
And she laughed at the thought
While she took another drag.

No money for ice and food didn't matter
Rotting teeth and bleached blonde hair falling out in clumps and tufts in someone else's bathtub
She laid in the water until her bruised skin was wrinkled.

She had eyes like the stars
Rapidly fading more and more every day
Because there wasn't a reason
There wasn't a solution
There was nothing for her
She wasn't anything special.

She took to the streets in almost nothing
Walking and walking
Until she found someone who wanted her
For a few dollars and a night

She took to the streets and found her place
Got a deal for an eight-ball, smack
And flew to someplace better.

She had eyes like an ocean of green
Waves washing up on the shore of a beach in Florida
Anywhere but here
Somewhere else
Nowhere and everywhere

Another day and those diamond ocean eyes faded to black
The stars fell and she was gone
She flew forever
And never.

The author's comments:
'It's too cold outside for angels to fly.'

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