Juliet’s Letter

May 9, 2012
By Blooddrinker9755 PLATINUM, Batavia, Ohio
Blooddrinker9755 PLATINUM, Batavia, Ohio
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"Tears are words the heart can't express”

A fiery rage consumes this very being. Tears cannot overcome this overwhelming emotion that I long to pass. A tormented mind, a blind mind is seething with absolute rage and an undying thirst for another man’s blood. My heart with woe cannot surpass this he**ish hate but to prevent it from pouring thousands of crusted red scarlet’s melding into the cracks of the floor that I stand upon. My eyes beholding this sorrow, the hate I created. This hate doesn’t reside in me but upon a lover whose heart has shredded into thousands and thousands of tiny diamonds and then dust. This heart I broke, this heart I loved is now a creature with Darkness consuming it with is blackish fire. The Darkness has blinded this young lover, has brought pain and such agony that I can not simply put out with my tears. My tears are once again ignored and tossed for a battle, a quarrel between two lovers that my heart had to bear. My blood boils and pops with this hate but disperse it with everlasting sorrow. I feel this agony that this lover is feeling, all the hatred and poor misguidance of Darkness that the Light of his innocence is dimmed and dangerously almost out. His Light has shone no radiance for weeks but only the Darkness that took over is giving him such undeniable hatred that He** is proud and yet ashamed of. My lover, unaware of this untimely battle is standing proud and reluctant that no man can discriminate. His cocky like manner has driven him past his own fate and down into the chasm pit of those eyes of my past lover. My cries and my helpless pleas cannot save the men I knew and most dearly loved, nor can it prevent the attack my past lover would strike against his unaware opponent. So ashamed, so lost I am. I too have lost myself into the Darkness and little of my light is dimming and nothing left but a small flame wanting to give its last and unmeaningful breathe. I can not take back the words I’ve spoken nor can I take back the love I feel for them. But I can disperse their flames, their worsen agony. If only I’ve won this quarrel, this unappreciated battle between two dearly Lovers. At the stroke of Noon, or minutes after, their battle begins and only one lover can win. I chose both to be my suitors but both disagreed and greedily want me to their selves for their helpless desires. I have but only one heart to give, one heart to love. These both men share this wounded heart with only so much love I can give. My heart is faint and barley alive with the love being drained out of me like my blood. Should my own blood be spilled on such a tainted battleground? Should it be my blood to disperse those He**ish flames, to end this feud of love? I can not say for which I am the prize to be won and not the knights to receive such a gift. I am only the princess that which both of my Romeos’ long to kiss. Long to make me their Juliet and be theirs forever till death do us part. Would it be my death to put out those raging fires, my death to end this feud of love?

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