Royal Purple Fragrance

May 8, 2012
By Calmary SILVER, Randolph, Massachusetts
Calmary SILVER, Randolph, Massachusetts
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Simple and radiant in its beauty
When he steps out
The World fears him.
A royal cap fitted over him
To hide what the birds of the field
Cannot tune to.
Sweet and sour it is,
To have ten thousand of heads servile the crown
That lies on him.
She had heard once,
He hollered in his darkest hour,
He bawled and wailed and barked,
For he knows what befalls him
And yet with her gentle touch,
He quivers.
A gentle touch of hand fell on his shoulder
She look deeply at him,
His appearance is like that of King Solomon
His head is the purest of gold
Eyes are like doves,
His cheeks are like beds of spice
Yielding perfume,
His lips are like lilies,
Dripping with myrrh,
His body is like polished ivory
Decorated with sapphires
In a whisper, she says
“I shall kiss you,”
Softly drifting away in their most sacred moment,
She hollered out gently,
“Eat , drink till the fullest! goddess of Mine”
She watched as words floated out of him,
And thought of how lovely he is,
He was prudent in his ways,
And sagacious in his thoughts,
And that was why the world feared him,
They feared him because
He can never be defeated,
For he was aware of their deceitful ways.
But she loves and adores him
Because she sees the simplicity in him.
She loves and adores him
Because to her, he is truly
Her Royal Purple fragrance.

The author's comments:
This piece was written for a very good friend who happen to be a stubborn head but and the only person that could ever soften him was his girlfriend.

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