A bassist of basses

May 8, 2012
By QueenNys GOLD, Port Huron, Michigan
QueenNys GOLD, Port Huron, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
A Misty morning does not signify a cloudy day

That day something deep down inside me had changed,
That day, the first time I played
My bassy, bass, bass.

Me and my bassy bass, bass
We been low, we been high…
We been north we, been south,
Ya know?
Me and my bassy bass bass, we been de-dah’in
All over the place.
Perhaps we been here we been
There but, one city even turned us
Towards the arpeggio, and honestly,
I don’t think we can go back.
And won’t ever be no cargo!

Now, it I’nt hard.
You just sit, adjust and
Blow, blow, blow…
And what do you get?
A note, note, note!!!
At first, perhaps it’ll be a funky note….
But, if you continue to try, try, try
And you continue to blow, blow, blow,
Your note will start to glow, glow, glow….

I say tah dah tah ta tah ta,
And together we go LaLaLaLa……
We Accent for sound,
We staccato for affect…

I rely on her much,
More than she does,
Anyone could play her.
But, only she can play, into my heart.
Where I’ll cherish her for forever and a day.

Us three bassist’s, we help make
A bitter sweet melody with
That big, loud, crazy harmony…

Me and my bassy bass, bass,
We been here we been there.
Me and my bassy bass, we go de-dah all
Over this place!!!:)

The author's comments:
We had to mock a rap song for a poetry project in ela class, so, i wrote about my favorite thing, my bass clarinet(total dweb, i know:P)

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