May 8, 2012
By Meecah11 BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
Meecah11 BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Whether you're depress, angry or upset,
Over a hundred emotions you can get.
The best way to calm your senses
is to listen to music, don't even need lessons.
Place your headphones in
and discover your passion.
Travel to another dimension
That slowly takes away the tension.
It can be mellow, soft and sweet,
or punk rock and up beat.
Whether you like soothing or hardcore singing,
that's not all, its only the beginning.
Listen to songs determine what's on your mind or a dancing beat on youtube you can automatically find.
Songs that start off slow then fade out.
Or ones with abrupt beginnings followed by aloud shout.
Songs that are confusing or discuss confessions
or ones that consolidate into lessons.
All different types of music taste over the place, music has emotions like people without the faces.

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