Do You Remember That Girl?

May 9, 2012
So, do you remember that girl,
the one you called fat,
the one you called ugly?
She never talks,
never says a word.
Bet you don't know why that is.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
You call her names day by day,
making her days seem even grayer.
You hurt her feelings every hour,
so she devours herself within,
shuts herself off,
attempts not to feel a thing.
She was abused,
beaten down even,
and here she is every day,
tolerating more and more.
Bet you don't know why,
she keeps her eyes to the ground.
Yeah, I thought you didn't.
She learned to silently cry,
to shed tears without a word.
Bet you don't know why she had to learn.
Yeah, I knew you didn't.
Everyday at home her parents would scream,
they would yell,
throw things,
try to hurt themselves,
and anyone near.
Then every day at school,
you'd call her names,
and make her wish,
she had the strength to end her life.
Yeah, I knew you didn't know,
they never do.

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