My Dee

May 8, 2012
By Anonymous

We're standing in an ocean scene, feet brushing crystal sand.
Rain sprinkles down in droplets, so I smile and take your hand.
"Would you like to go back?" I whisper, soft and clear.
You shake your head and answer, "I'd rather we stayed here."
Our eyes meet for a moment, and I look away real fast.
"Why do you do that?" You wonder, and now I feel like an a**.
"You make me nervous." I admit, ashamed and blushing mad.
"Oh, okay." You reply, voice gently soft and sad.
I turn to look and brush your cheek, frowning at what I see.
Eyes of worry, smile gone, this saddened girl named Dee.
I hug you close and gently whisper, "Please forgive me, dear."
You shake your head and smile in answer, "I'm no one you should fear."
For a moment, we stay quiet, peaceful in embrace.
I pull out my camera, snap a picture, smiling at your face.
You're blinking in surprise, eyes wide with confusion and shock.
I dance away when you try to catch me, racing for the dock.
We're laughing when we board, a boat I like to call "Free".
I labeled it after her spirit, this little girl named Dee.
Wet and soaked, we don't care, we motor away from harbor.
She's smiling at me playfully, and resisting is so much harder.
I take her picture, once, twice, another that's just right.
And as we grin, the rain now stops, sun bursting into sight.
One last picture, beautiful as can be, reflecting this boat called "Free".
Suddenly she kisses me, blush blooming on her face, this lovely girl named Dee.
But then the rain comes back, blocking light from view.
We rush back to land, docking real fast and running right on cue.
So the rain falls harder and we start laughing, ducking under cover.
Your hair is wet and we're both drenched, yet we giggle like famous lovers.
Now as we wait for the bus to whisk us away, I ask you one more question.
"Do you love me, Dee?" And you fall silent, my body stiff with tension.
You turn and look me dead in the face, eyes full of steel and wire.
Then you kiss me frisky, hot and heated, lost forever in fire.
Now as the rain lets up, I open my eyes and grin at what I see.
Eyes of light, smile of laughter, this beautiful girl named Dee.

The author's comments:
Written about one of the most beautiful and amazing people on the face of this planet. I adore and love her quite dearly.

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