My World

May 8, 2012
My world is a world of divorce, a world of new technology. My world is a place where children are victims of dysfunction, where people take things for granted, where lives end in despair. My world is a place where trash litters every dull, brown area of grass; where you can recognize the wealthy from the unwealthy, separated by only money and a fence. Where the ghetto and the classy are defined by a thick line of language and characteristics; time and time again stereotypes blind the people of this world, we find ourselves in a whirlpool of hurt, confusion, racism….But every once in a while people from every nation and tongue, get up, speak up, give up, all they have to bring justice to the world, my world. Yes, it might be a person just getting up to say that’s wrong. Or it might be many people donating their time to cleaning up beaches, parks, neighborhoods. Or it could be just one person with a dream that goes beyond the bars of his/her mind. People from all nations unite; leaders rise up and organize the fight. The fight against wrong, in a world where it seems wrong is right. These people are the superheroes of my world. The world that needs supernatural saving, the world that I live in, the world that we live in.

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