May 8, 2012
By Daughter.of.Hades BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
Daughter.of.Hades BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"A cat will look down on you, a dog will look up to you, but a pig will see you as its equal."
-Winston Churchill

What are myths to me?
When I hear the word myth,
I think of origins.
When I hear the word myth,
I think of monsters.
When I hear the word myth,
I think of Troy.
When I hear the word myth,
I think of Perseus, Jason, and Hercules.
Myths are the original stories
The original poems
The original characters
We identify gods like humans
They get angry
They play tricks
They can love
We look up to heroes
Conquering the impossible
Face monsters
Overcome obstacles
We are inspired
Whether through fear or admiration
Myths are the base of literature
And they exist alongside us to this day.
When artists need inspiration they think of a muse
When Valentine’s Day comes they think of Cupid
Dragons, leprechauns, fairies, Elvis
Mythology is still around in two versions
The past and the present
Both lasting lifetimes through history
Roots that will never be pulled
By the hands of logic
What are myths to me?
Myths are my passion.

The author's comments:
My thoughts about myths through poetry.

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