rolling the dice

May 8, 2012
By Robey621 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Robey621 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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is fate truly what we want to believe in?
is it really a relief to know that there’s a certain end in sight no matter what we do
or how hard we try to change it?

I don’t think that would be helpful to know at all
in fact I believe that’s rather disheartening

what I believe in is chance
absolutely random and impartial
that there’s someone up there with a d20 and a book

different rules for different situations

roll a 12? you failed science, so sorry
7? you just got the role you’ve been dreaming of

or maybe a deck of cards

jack of hearts means you lost your love
five of clubs equals small windfall
joker? enjoy the next 20 years of insanity, bud

or maybe that someone is in our situation

throwing darts at a board the size of the universe
with everyone’s path depending on where the thing lands

that got me thinking

how do we know we’re not that someone for a different universe?

did we just cause an earthquake by picking
the 2 of clubs from that magician’s deck?

was a family reunited when
I rolled the 12 just when I needed it?

does someone, somewhere die
whenever I hit a bull’s-eye
at a family reunion?

or is the ace of spades just making me think that?

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