That One Swing

May 8, 2012
By LullabyeLee BRONZE, Beford, Kentucky
LullabyeLee BRONZE, Beford, Kentucky
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What is the meaning of

What exactly is our

How did we get

Where are we

And how do we get

Don’t you just wish
You could go back to

The good days?
Back when you never
Really had to worry about


Back when the only thing, was that you have to run out of the door first to get that swing on the playground. Your feet hitting the gravel as fast as they can just to get that first swing. Your heart pounding, adrenaline coursing through your veins. Your sweaty palms reaching those chains, hoping that you won’t fall in the race for that one swing. You may be a chubby little 4th grader but, man you really want that one swing. The swing with rusty chains and a pale little blue seat. You’re thinking ‘man if I don’t get that swing I’ll never go out for recess again.’ You see it. It’s almost in your grasp. You stretch your arms and… you have it! You finally got it, you got that swing. You may have stumbled a little bit but, you made it! You sit down, the seat is warm- sun kissed even- but, the chains are icy cold –just the way you like it-. You just sit there thinking you’re so proud of yourself. You got the first swing now, all you need is just a little bitty, teeny tiny…push.
Life is just a whirlwind of

Sometimes you just have to sit
Back and just enjoy the

Relax and enjoy your


Cause if you don’t you just might miss out on something…spectacular.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece just randomly thinking about life and then, all of a sudden, I started to think about a swing, so I incorporated the two, and thus this piece was born. Enjoy and please comment.

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