May 8, 2012
By Anonymous

As weird as this sounds
i've always loved you
and my heart it pounds
just thinking of you.
when i close my eyes
i still see your face
despite all my tries
time cannot erase
the feelings i get the feelings i hate.

Although these things
will never end
i wish that i
could make amends.
to turn the page
to start again.

i still pretend
i am ok.
it didn't matter
either way.
My friends don't see
what i don't say
you stole my heart
but its ok.

soon ill heal
but until then.
i wont move on
but ill pretend
my heart is whole
and this isn't the end.

The author's comments:
i wrote this because of a girl that i liked for about 4 years. i decided it was finally time to man up and ask her out and when i did she said "no" and it completely crushed me. and i didnt talk to her for about 4 months after that (not all my fault on that part) and now she acts like nothing ever happend and that we are friends again. I thought it would be nice when we would talk again but it makes it that much worse...

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