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No Heaven On Earth

May 8, 2012
By 1TomBoy SILVER, City, Other
1TomBoy SILVER, City, Other
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The gates of faith open to me
I’m tired
I’m done
I have done what I was sent to do
He stands there with stars in his eyes
And in his hands
He looks upon me and says
Well done
I lay to the long rest
No tears or pain or regret
No earthly things here
Just him and what he is
The place I was will have to go on without me
It was never my home
For with him I am home
These words come from me and what I have experienced
The things I love the most
Are not of this earth
I’ve never seen him
I’ve never touched him
But now I am here
And it was worth the wait.

The author's comments:
I've never seen God
Doesn't mean He's not there
I've never seen my Brain
Doesn't mean It's not there

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