My Prayer, Forever

May 8, 2012
He's out there somewhere,
Calling for me.
His calls getting stronger,
And my resloves getting weaker.
Searching, praying, and waiting,
For an answer.
Every prayer has gotten its answer.
I have no doubt.
Still I fail to interpret the answer,
For this prayer.
Oh, Lord, he's calling for me.
Is this the answer I've waited for?
Is this the answer to my plea,
My plea for compainonship?
Is it truly or does my heart,
decieve my mind with its owm desires?
His call. It's waiting for me.
Is it his I hear or am I waiting for another?
He's out there somewhere.
Him and others,
But which will be mine, forever?
I pray.
For an answer.
My prayer forever,
Until You show me the answer.

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