A Part-Time Human Being

April 20, 2012
By ThatGuyOverThere SILVER, Missoula, Montana
ThatGuyOverThere SILVER, Missoula, Montana
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A million happy faces
All happy with themselves 
Then they turn to me and
All of a sudden
They're blank slates,
Looking dead and staring
Like there's something wrong with me

I can't hear what what you say
Cause I'm in far too deep
Always been that way
People look at me 
And they see I'm a freak
Can't talk to me
I'm miles away
Just a part-time human being

It's not because I'm lazy
Believe me,
If things came so easy
I wouldn't be this crazy
I'd be just like you 
In every single way
I try my hardest every single day
But I can't seem to shake it
Because it's in my DNA.

So I guess I can't be happy 
Gotta work with what you got
I need to use this broken brain
Or else I think I'd go insane

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